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Aloha Professional Pet Sitters is an In-Home Pet Sitting Service founded in January 2005 by husband and wife team Frank and Patti Daniel.

We serve the growing needs of pet parents of the beautiful West Side of Oahu.

We provide peace of mind to pet parents while they are at work for long hours or enjoying a night out on the town, Going on a staycation to our neighboring Islands, or a trip to the mainland. You no longer have to board your furry friend in a kennel in an unfamiliar place. They are able to stay in their own surroundings, while we attend to their daily needs with a minimum of disruption to their schedules.

As loving and caring pet parents ourselves we understand the importance of having someone dependable to care for your pets when you are not able to be there. We have both lived in Hawaii for over 30 years. Nearly twenty of those on the West Side. When we come to your home to meet you and your furry friends you will have the peace of mind that Frank or Patti will be the ones who will be visiting your pets while you are away.